Rethink, reshape & recycle.

PRO-FORM is committed to seeking designs, materials and processes that are sustainable and better for our environment. PRO-FORM's lean manufacturing program PROMAX drives the company to minimise waste through every step and process.

Because many of PRO-FORM's manufacturing inputs come from non-renewable sources the company is committed to the use of recycled materials and the reuse of internal by-products; and actively seeks opportunities for end-of-life recovery.

PRO-FORM aims to make products that are better for the environment and use processes that improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Operation Clean Sweep

In May 2018, PRO-FORM received an award from Plastics New Zealand for adopting the Operation Clean Sweep programme. This award is an initiative which rewards companies who have been recognised to pro-actively eliminate plastic waste going into waterways by installing plastic grain filters in all onsite drains. The plastic grains which get caught in the filter can then be cleaned and recycled (award photo to right).


Zero Internal Waste

As PRO-FORM is both a vacuum former and a plastics extruder, PRO-FORM is in a unique position where they can internally re-cycle all of their vacuum forming and other plastic manufacturing waste back into plastic sheet This, therefore, closes the cycle of all plastic internally. PRO-FORM is passionate about the closed cycle of plastic and is very proud that they can remove all plastic waste from leaving the PRO-FORM site. 

Recycling Projects

PRO-FORM is currently seeking new recycling and sustainability projects in Australia and New Zealand. If you know of any recycling projects which could utilise from PRO-FORM's plastic manufacturing capabilities and experience then please get in touch to discuss your ideas, they'd love to hear from you. 


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