Provide a better solution

The first step in every new product, service or relationship for PRO-FORM starts with re-think. Re-think is a powerful value, which represents the desire to innovate and provide a better solution. 


Moulding plastic into beautiful products

The next step in the re-think process is the physical shaping of plastic, to create beautiful products. Every product which is physically shaped is also intended to re-shape the market which it belongs to.

Plastic resin > Plastic sheet > Plastic mould > Beautiful product > Shaping markets and status quo's


Use what's left and start over

Why dump what's left when you can use it to start over again? With every new product designed, PRO-FORM considers the implications of re-cycling the product not only at the end of the life, but also throughout the manufacturing process - feeding any offcuts back into the process to start again. 

Using what's left to start over isn't just a principle for physical products - at PRO-FORM it is also applied to continuous product development, where they break down the elements of a finished product and taking the best bits to recycle into the next product.



Transform the future of big plastics

By applying the re-think process to everything PRO-FORM does they have been able to create many world first products which provide significant benefits over the previous iterations. This has been seen time and time again, first with their classic bedliner, then with plastic canopies, followed by revolutionary SportLids and the SportGuard sectional liner. 

Re think square