Premium Quality Ute Liners Sold Worldwide

Over the last 20 years PRO-FORM have become premium Ute Liner manufacturers who sell large outputs to many OEM companies such as General Motors and Nissan Australia, Volkswagen Germany, and Volkswagen Australia. Selling to national and global OEM manufacturers requires the highest quality products and testing regimes.

PRO-FORM manages every aspect of the bedliner development in-house, from product design to plastic extrusion of the HDPE resin, through to vacuum forming and logistics. 

Providing a better solution

R&D: With over 300 ute liner models developed since PRO-FORM started in 1994, it's fair to say that liners have kept our R&D team busy. Our R&D team are now highly efficient at designing and tooling the detailed process of bedliner development. This process involves many steps including first using 3D modelling and CAD design to map out the fit, dimensions and styling of the bedliner. Once satisfied with the 3D modelling, it gets passed on to our tooling team who design a tool for our vacuum forming machines.  

Packaging & Logistics: PRO-FORM applies the re-think idea to everything they do, this has led PRO-FORM to create innovative stacking solutions which fit record numbers of liners into 20' and 40' containers which end up across 60 countries worldwide.


Moulding plastic into beautiful products

Plastic Extrusion: PRO-FORM have extruded all their bedliner sheet in-house for over 10 years now. The vertical integration addition of plastic extrusion was an obvious one for PRO-FORM to allow two key benefits. The first, meant PRO-FORM now had full control over the plastic sheet supply, to ensure the quality we required was obtained as well as having it on hand when need. The second benefit was for sustainability - PRO-FORM was now able to easily grind down any waste plastic which naturally occurs from bedliner vacuum-forming and re-extrude it back into the plastic sheet, giving the cycle a closed circle with no waste.

Material: Made from a very robust high molecular weight, high density polyethylene sheet. Because PRO-FORM bedliners are a premium product and required for OEM companies such as General Motors only the highest quality polyethylene resin from only trusted suppliers are used. This is coupled with rigorous testing and tight quality control to ensure our customers received premium quality every time. 

Thermoforming: PRO-FORM uses vacuum forming as the main process in manufacturing the shape of the bedliner. Due to very high outputs of bedliners over the last 20 years, PRO-FORM has become experts in the field of vacuum forming big plastic parts. Today this expert knowledge is now transferred to other products such as lids, canopies, cargoliners as well as non-automotive products such as feeder bins too. PRO-FORM has approximately 45 staff dedicated to running the 11 vacuum forming ends which they have on-site. 

Automation: With the addition of more complex bedliners, PRO-FORM has employed robotic automation to increase efficiency and accuracy off precise drilling and trimming. Today there are five multi-axis robots on site and eight CNC machines which spend most of their time on bedliners. The robots spend their time drilling accurate holes in the main bedliner part while the CNC machine is used to cut holes and trim to specification the flatter tailgate section of a bedliner. 


Use what's left and start over

Sustainability: As the materials used in the bed liner come from non-renewable materials it is important for PRO-FORM that the product can be fully recyclable at its end of life. This HDPE bedliner can be recycled using the recycle code #2. HDPE is one of the most commonly and easiest materials to recycle. Because bedliners don't have any paint, stickers or chemicals added this makes them very easy to retrieve. PRO-FORM also practices lean manufacturing during its bedliner manufacturing, in which almost all waste during bedliner production gets re-extruded back into our plastic extrusion lines to make more products.

Innovation: Since adding to the bedliner market with the initial bedliner, PRO-FORM have pushed the innovation further and re-cycled the existing ideas and fed them back into the re-think process. The result has created a new generation bedliner, the SportGuard, which has plenty of extra features. This new generation features a five peice design with a non slip floor and a sleeker design. See the SportGuard liner here. 


PRO-FORM's ute liners are world renowned for being premium design with a high-quality finish. This has led PRO-FORM to supply many large OEM companies around the globe including. 

PRO-FORM has been awarded the General Motors supplier excellence award two years running (2015-2016), for the supply of bedliners as a factory fitted product.