Bringing parts together to create professional shape & configuration.

PRO-FORM is a team of professionals who continuously transform big plastics. A team committed to continued learning, trying new ways and who earn their world-class status of excelling in the global plastics market.

PRO-FORM provides a complete service from design, tool making, production and international logistics. Based in New Zealand and exporting Australia and 60 countries, PRO-FORM operates some of the largest tool-making, extrusion and vacuum forming equipment in the Southern Hemisphere.

PRO-FORM aims to always be the best it can at providing superior innovation, quality and partnerships via its range of big plastic products which are delivered to automotive and various industries throughout the world.





Want it. Learn it. Try it. Earn it.

A series of behaviours PRO-FORM have employed throughout our history that have made us successful. This code is a very simple, yet very powerful way of approaching everything we do. Every decision we make and every action we take is to be grounded in these four principles.

WANT IT means that we must be very clear about what we’re trying to do and what success looks like and that we are determined and driven to be the best.

LEARN IT means to know – to not make assumptions about anything, to not guess what the answer is – to get out there and find out with certainty. This must apply to all we do, from making decisions about new products, to determining the best way to make a part or to which direction our organisation should be taking.

TRY IT underpins the learning. Nothing is certain until we’ve seen it for ourselves, we don’t rely on people telling us how it is – we see it for ourselves. We don’t accept the status quo – we try new ways. We aren’t afraid to fail – and we give it a go to see if it works.

EARN IT is simple – we do what it takes to succeed. Delivering incredible value, overwhelming customers with awesome service, inspiring the imagination of people by showing them products and solutions they wouldn’t foresee themselves, and by making a relationship with PRO-FORM the most positive experience possible.

Do you want it?

Attracting like-minded people is critical to the success of the PRO-FORM business. Our people contribute to our success in many different ways and there is a diverse range of roles within PRO-FORM.

  • Three distinct production areas, each with different technical and skill requirements
  • Research and development roles that ensure we remain ahead of our game
  • A variety of administrative and support roles that connect our customers to PRO-FORM throughout the world

Whether your skills are in manufacturing, plastics engineering, administration or business support, if you think you might be a PRO-FORM person, contact us now.


The Process.

Once you have found an opportunity you can apply by submitting your CV and a covering letter explaining why you are interested in the role and why you think you would be suitable.

Depending upon the role being advertised, you may be asked to complete specific documentation that will allow us to quickly ascertain whether you have the skills and experience that may be transferable to our opportunities.

If you’re shortlisted for the role you will be contacted by a member of our HR team who will carry out a short telephone interview. You may then be invited for a formal interview, where you’ll have the opportunity to tell us more about your skills and experience.

Every step in the recruitment process is focused on your potential for success and the opportunity for you to contribute in driving our business forward. Our process may also include a range of background checks including; ability testing, Police and credit checks and pre employment drug screening, before an offer of employment is made.

Additional Information.

A pre employment drug screening test is completed before any offers of employment - if you are interested in what this involves please go to the AgResultz website.